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Telecommute Freelance Writer Job

The content team at Stripes39 seeks Freelance Writers to write content for education websites that are currently in production. Article topics range from admissions requirements for undergraduate engineering degrees, the job outlook for clinical psychologists, and answering Q&A for students who are interested in studying video game design. Content may include but is not limited to: well-researched encyclopedia-style articles, short descriptive blurbs, feature articles, journalistic articles, templated articles and Q&A responses.

Freelance Writers will report directly to the Editor assigned to their writing project. They are responsible for producing 2,000 to 3,000 publishable words of high-quality, original and well-researched content per day, or the equivalent. Freelance Writers will use suggested sources in addition to conducting original research and will use a critical eye to determine the most reliable sources to cite in articles. Freelance Writers will be responsible for adhering precisely to specifications, templates, style guides and other documents if provided. They will produce writing with a minimal amount of correspondence and support provided by their Editor, but will engage in consistent, clear and timely communication as needed to ask questions and provide information to their Editor. Freelance Writers will implement feedback and constructive criticism provided by their Editor thoroughly and graciously. Freelance Writers will edit and proofread their own writing so that the final submission to their Editor requires few, if any, changes.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Produce 2,000 to 3,000 publishable words of original, researched content each day, or the equivalent, on a broad range of topics with minimal support from the Editor
  • Content may include, but is not limited to: well-researched encyclopedia-style articles, short descriptive blurbs, feature articles, journalistic articles, templated articles and Q&A articles
  • Become a subject matter expert in all subjects for which you will produce content
  • Adhere to specifications, templates, style guides and other documents precisely and thoroughly
  • Rely on suggested sources included in specifications and templates, but conduct original research with a critical eye toward only citing reliable online sources
  • Correspond consistently and in a timely fashion with Editor on assigned articles or projects
  • Graciously accept and apply feedback from Editor on current articles and apply that feedback to future writing assignments
  • Use common sense in addition to general and acquired knowledge to produce well-written, high-quality and accurate content
  • Engage with the in-house content management system according to precise instructions
  • Fulfill all required documentation of progress and other minor administrative tasks as delegated by the Editor


  • Bachelors degree required
  • Previous freelance writing experience strongly preferred
  • Superb grasp of the English language including grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Passion and natural talent for writing
  • Well-developed research skills
  • Ability to follow instructions perfectly
  • Edit and proofread own writing so that final submission to your Editor is highly polished and able to be published with few, if any, minor adjustments
  • Clear and consistent communication skills in e-mails and within in-house content management system
  • Independent worker


Freelance Writers are compensated 4-8 cents/word, depending on the amount of research a project will need. Our goal is to keep our writers earning $20/hr or more on average.

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Telecommute Freelance Writer Job

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