Why Setting Goals is Important When Working at Home

Certainly, there are many benefits to working at home when you have a home business to run. However, working at home can also be a tough experience, particularly when you have distractions (TV, children, snacks, personal calls, etc.) that take your focus away from your task at hand. Things can come up too, and you’ll end up accomplishing nothing. It is for these and other reasons that you need to set goals for yourself.

Don’t worry about long-term goals for now. If you’re the impatient type, or if you can’t keep on track after a long period of time, then long-term goals obviously will not work for you. We’re talking about focusing on short-term goals for yourself and your home business. Think about the now. What is your goal for today? Or what is your goal for the next couple of days? Do you have goals for this week? Pick one cycle and stick with it. If it’s for today, then make it for today. If it’s a goal for the week, then make it a week. Don’t bunch together so many goals because let’s face it, you won’t be able to handle it!

Here’s why it’s nice to set goals, and this applies in general, not only to working at home managing your home business:

  • Setting goals gives you something to strive for. You have your eyes and mind set on something. You are focused on that something –and not aiming for just anything!
  • Setting goals gives you a schedule to follow. These helps you stay in track for whatever projects you are currently working on.
  • Setting goals gives you joy, builds up esteem and morale, and other positive feelings when you are able to follow-through your goal. A sense of accomplishment is always a good thing!
  • Last, that feeling of accomplishment gives you added confidence to tackle more projects and set other goals in the future.

If you did not accomplish what you intended to, don’t give up! Evaluate your goal and re-evaluate again and again. Is it realistic? Is it short-term like it’s supposed to be? Do you need to change anything? Plan and re-plan and then implement again. It’s okay.

Well, enough about goals already. The point is, you need them…

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